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Why is it safe to buy from Salvage World?


Please click on the following links and contact agencies to verify our company credentials:

Please review links below in case you are skeptical about certain blogs. Our company handles and astronomical amount of volume of customers on a global scale. Many customers do not read our terms and conditions, unfortunately because of the high volume we will always have a few disputes every now and then where customers will post blogs. These blogs do not allow us to defend ourselves or even to be removed if and when we submit proof to the blog site. They just continue to feed off our responses and grow. Please take a look at the follow links just in case are credentials were not suffice. We are a very informative site with a staff that has experience in the salvage industry. More so we offer the most amount of vehicles than any of the other competing sites do. They all offer vehicles from only one major salvage auction. We currently offer salvage vehicles from the 5 largest salvage auctions in the country with over 250 locations and we also offer vehicles direct from insurance companies. Take a look at these links and if you have any questions please call our toll free number 1 800-232-5038.
You can also scroll down to the blog section of our site and see that this advocacy sites that post these blogs try to extort companies like ours not only that, but there is nothing protecting us from competitors posting on these sites as well. Try not to believe everything you read take a look at a few of these links.
Also some of these website such as put false reviews bashing internet base companies to "legally extort" these business basically saying we will take down all negative reviews online for a monthly fee. 
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